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Terry Katsma

WI, State Representative 26th Assembly District

Term Ends: 2022

Reported and can be viewed on Telegram: Group = H.O.T. Wisconsin-Honest-Open-Transparent , Date of Posting: 2/6/2022 , Time of Posting: 3:04 PM (This was posted from Patriots and Activist in Wisconsin that were at the Sheboygan County GOP meeting where they formed a resolution and the Sheboygan GOP demanded that Speaker Vos, who has been an obstical to the Wisconsin full forensic audit resign and this was posted to on the Telegram Channel: H.O.T. Wisconsin-Honest-Transparent)

H.O.T. Wisconsin-Honest-Open-Transparent, [2/6/2022 3:04 PM]

Sheboygan County Caucus Report:

They had 114 people in attendance. All but one person voted in favor of a resolution to admonish and demand Vos resign from the speaker position immediately. It was a vote of no confidence. The only nay was Rep. Katsma (R-Oostburg). He said in front of everyone that he supported Vos, thought he was a brilliant strategist, blah blah blah. Needless to say it was not received well. LeMahieu also got a cold shoulder. He had to ask people to clap. Few responded. Kleefisch also got a cold response too.