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Ron Noble

OR, State House of Representatives

Term Ends: 2022

Former Police Chief Voted to reduce tools available to law enforcement, and Voted to reduce the circumstances under which an individual could be charged with Interfering with an Officer

Voted to give Driver's License to Illegal Aliens at taxpayer cost

Continued to vote when the people were calling for a walkout thereby enabling destructive democrat policies

Continually votes for legislation that expands government

Voted to waste your money on multilingual election materials and research on the 5 most common languages spoken in Oregon

Voted to put Oregon Landlord's investments at risk by extending a prohibition on evictions for unpaid rent through the end of February 2022 without giving any support to those Landlords to make their mortgage payments (I do not support either subsidy, but I would never prevent you from collecting rent without helping you make your mortgage payment.

Voted to increase Police Training for "Gender Based Hate Crimes".

Voted to expand government powers in a State of Emergency by authorizing the Department of Revenue to share your income information with other government agencies

Voted AGAINST citizen's Right to choose to NOT join a Labor Union.