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Morgan Ortagus

TN, House of Representatives Candidate

She interested to run, and endorsed by Donald Trump, for Congress in current outgoing Rep. Jim Cooper's district, but she is a proven RINO, why?

She worked for low energy Jeb Bush, trashing Americans who supported Trump, and her latest, advocating for war with Russia.

Her wedding was officiated by late former liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She is a friend of "principled conservatives": such as Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

She called Trump disgusting (source: https://t.co/757G9z13QV)

She joined clown show called The View (source: https://t.co/rSss4sMP0U)

She cozied up to Biden's admin. She took photo with Joe during his inauguration.

Despite she has not announced that she will running, she replied Trump's statement.



Robby Starbuck is the better candidate.