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Lana Theis

MI, State Senator, District 22
  • Sen Lana Theis
    201 Townsend Street
    Suite #7400
    Lansing, MI 48933

Term Ends: 2022

This was a telegram from nationally famous Seth Keshel, who knew these Rino are working behind the scene to squash the real audit or have a fake audit.


Liberty Overwatch

Staffers Confirm Establishment Republicans Know the Election was Rigged in MI and PA

Via @RealSKeshel

Numerous staffers from the MI and PA Republican parties have reached out to me privately to discuss election results not only for DJT, but for John James and Sean Parnell.

In short, these staffers confided that not only do the prominent politicians in the state who are stopping the audit efforts KNOW the elections were rigged, they are muzzling the rank and file GOP politicians who know it was rigged, threatening them with exile to useless committee work and pledging to shove them out of the party altogether if the speak up. That is how you wind up with less than a dozen GOP politicians in these two states making a fight of the issue.

The staffers all admit that internal party numbers in those two states show the same things I show - the coalition shifts were lining up for Trump blowouts of several hundred thousand votes over JB.

Corman, McBroom, Theis, Benninghoff, Cutler, and Grove are doing the work of the enemy.

- @RealSKeshel

Captain Keshel estimates there were more than 500K excess votes for Biden in both MI and PA.